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In-Person Classes for New Muslims

Classes for New Muslims in Baltimore

Free classes for new Muslims are held every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB). Classes will (often) be recorded and placed into a membership site for later review and continued discussion.


Wasting Time – An Important Lesson for New (No, All) Muslims

Protect yourself by guarding your only truly limited resource… your time. Watch this superb advice from Br. Nouman Ali Khan.


Women Converting to Islam – Interesting Article

My wife just forwarded me an interesting article on women converting to Islam. The article focuses on white women in the UK, as Tony Blair’s sister-in-law recently accepted Islam.

Here’s the link:

Why ARE So Many British Career Women Converting to Islam

One of the things I find interesting about the article is where it is posted. The very thing that some of these women were rejecting (the objectification of women in our/Western society) is plastered all over the “news” on the site.

As I write this, here’s an unfortunate sample of what is in the sidebar next to the article:

  • What was Denise thinking? Ex-wife went on date with Charlie Sheen and porn star before hotel rampage
  • I still have faith in Charlie Sheen, says Denise Richards – She spoke after rushing ex to hospital when he was found ‘drunk with prostitute’
  • Miley Cyrus’s heartbroken mother Tish in divorce from husband Billy Ray
  • A little Moore leg! Demi’s ripped hemline raises plenty of interest on at GQ ball
  • ‘She’s pregnant’: Thandie Newton lets Mariah Carey’s baby secret slip on live TV
  • Oprah joins the Victoria Beckham fan club as she pours her curves into Posh dress
  • What happened to the face lift, Courtney? Love looks every one of her 46 years at charity gala
  • ‘Ellen saved my life’: Portia De Rossi reveals how love cured her of the eating disorder that almost killed her
  • Momma Mia! Italian beauty Monica Bellucci poses naked with new baby for Vanity Fair
  • Rihanna pours her curves into racy nude corset as she films new video
  • Cleavage with class: How to flaunt your bosom without looking like a glamour model

Here’s the link again:

Why ARE So Many British Career Women Converting to Islam


Quran Burning in Florida – An Action Plan for Muslims

As “Rev” Terry Jones prepares his miniature congregation for burning the Quran in Gainesville, Florida, what should the reaction of the Muslims be?

There are some things to consider:

  • It is NOT the Quran that they’re burning – translations are NOT the Qur’an… the Qur’an is only the exact Word of Allah as recited from the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon both of them). Translations do not carry the same reverence as the Arabic mushaf.
  • Rules for Muslims do NOT necessarily apply to non-Muslims – our primary concern for them should be exposure to the message that God is One and is the Only One worthy of worship.
  • The Prophet (peace be upon him), himself, sent verses of the Qur’an to the leaders of the world – some embraced the message, some were moved, and some ripped it up and spit on it.
  • We should not concern ourselves with what they do… We will only be asked about what we did on the Day of Judgment.
  • When the non-Muslims of Makkah defamed the Qur’an, what did the Prophet (peace be upon him) do? He kept on with exemplary character, calm peaceful dealings with people, and when given a chance after conquering Makkah, he pardoned them.

Anyway, check out this YouTube video I just posted:

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Jews, Muslims, and Christians – Can They All Be Right?

Most Jews, Christians, & Muslims claim to be on the correct religion. And, certainly, there are a bunch of similarities… but the differences are core differences. We can’t just dance around the fact that some say Jesus (peace be upon him) was God, some say he was a righteous prophet, and some say he was a liar. How can these be rectified?

Well, they can… Check this out:

Let’s look at the story of Jesus as an example as we explore how and why religions so similar can differ. Judaism, Christianity & Islam are not similar because of copying or borrowing… No, it’s the Source that is the same… and it’s the people who later changed the message.

Those who changed the message are the real founders of different religions. All of the prophets (peace be upon them all) called to the same, true way… submission to God.

Some people will cite John 3:16 & attribute words to Jesus that say “I am the way, the truth & the life. Nobody comes to the Father, but through me.” Well, guess what… That was true for every prophet when they were alive. If you lived at the time of Moses, you could not obey God unless you followed Moses. If you lived at the time of David, you could not obey God unless you followed David. In real-time, while any prophet (peace be upon them all) lived and breathed and walked the earth, no one could get to God, but through them.

Certainly, rejecting them is clear disobedience. Where people trip up is not rejection, but altering. Adding celebrations, changing the way of worship, removing laws, adding rules, etc. Jesus (peace be upon him), never celebrated his birthday. He never sang in church with music. He never sanctioned marriage between a man and a man. Anyone who says so is altering his message.


New Muslim E-Class

In order to get the multimedia materials for the class, you must first give your name and email address. There is no fee for the class, but you will not receive any materials if you do not register with a valid email address. Your information will never be shared. You may cancel at any time.


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