Wednesday December 13 , 2017


This “Disclosures” document is drafted in the spirit of transparency… basically so you know how makes money and where there are potential sources of bias. That being said, all bias does not come from financial reward – nor does all financial reward impart bias. So here’s the information… think about it what you will. And feel free to ask questions. may receive monies collected from the following:

* Sales of products and services, and
* Affiliate commissions from some sites such as, Dar-us-Salaam Publications,, and others. is not affiliated with any local, state, federal, or international government body, government department, or political party.


New Muslim E-Class

In order to get the multimedia materials for the class, you must first give your name and email address. There is no fee for the class, but you will not receive any materials if you do not register with a valid email address. Your information will never be shared. You may cancel at any time.