Wednesday December 13 , 2017

Funny Video Commentary on the Fear of Muslims – Wish You Weren’t Here

This is a funny commentary on the spreading of fear and suspicion about us, Muslims.

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Wish You Weren’t Here
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Here’s the direct link to the video:

I cracked up laughing at the “Muslims in space” part.

Unfortunately, so many people are already divided along that liberal-conservative line that the ones that need to get Jon Stewart’s message, are unlikely to get it. (Sometimes labels make people stop thinking… it’s all emotion)

Just remember that you will encounter a lot of ignorant people that actually believe/feel the fear-mongering news reports out there. Don’t sweat it. Be patient. Be tolerant. And follow the example of the Prophet (may peace be upon him). One thing he never did was argue with ignorant people. He treated them with kindness.


Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Controversy – Advice to New Muslims

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) cartoons and drawings – I just posted a video with some advice about this on YouTube. There will be several more coming out today and tomorrow, but here’s a start.

Cartoons and drawing of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are offensive to most Muslims, but what should our response be? Where better to look than to look at the example of the Prophet, himself (pbuh).

Let me know what you think of this video by posting comments below.

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New Muslim Class – New Prayer Videos Posted

Muslim Prayer - How To PrayIf you haven’t signed up for the new Muslim classes offered by, you should (put your name & email in the right sidebar). Whether you’re a new Muslim revert/convert or you were born into a Muslim family and want to rediscover your roots, this class should really help, insha’Allah. I just posted a new section for Module 1 with video tutorials on how to pray your salah.

Sign up for the class here:


Clean Slates is currently undergoing major changes

It’s going to be sweet, insha’Allah, so check back soon.


New Muslim E-Class

In order to get the multimedia materials for the class, you must first give your name and email address. There is no fee for the class, but you will not receive any materials if you do not register with a valid email address. Your information will never be shared. You may cancel at any time.


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