Wednesday December 13 , 2017

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Women Converting to Islam – Interesting Article

My wife just forwarded me an interesting article on women converting to Islam. The article focuses on white women in the UK, as Tony Blair’s sister-in-law recently accepted Islam.

Here’s the link:

Why ARE So Many British Career Women Converting to Islam

One of the things I find interesting about the article is where it is posted. The very thing that some of these women were rejecting (the objectification of women in our/Western society) is plastered all over the “news” on the site.

As I write this, here’s an unfortunate sample of what is in the sidebar next to the article:

  • What was Denise thinking? Ex-wife went on date with Charlie Sheen and porn star before hotel rampage
  • I still have faith in Charlie Sheen, says Denise Richards – She spoke after rushing ex to hospital when he was found ‘drunk with prostitute’
  • Miley Cyrus’s heartbroken mother Tish in divorce from husband Billy Ray
  • A little Moore leg! Demi’s ripped hemline raises plenty of interest on at GQ ball
  • ‘She’s pregnant’: Thandie Newton lets Mariah Carey’s baby secret slip on live TV
  • Oprah joins the Victoria Beckham fan club as she pours her curves into Posh dress
  • What happened to the face lift, Courtney? Love looks every one of her 46 years at charity gala
  • ‘Ellen saved my life’: Portia De Rossi reveals how love cured her of the eating disorder that almost killed her
  • Momma Mia! Italian beauty Monica Bellucci poses naked with new baby for Vanity Fair
  • Rihanna pours her curves into racy nude corset as she films new video
  • Cleavage with class: How to flaunt your bosom without looking like a glamour model

Here’s the link again:

Why ARE So Many British Career Women Converting to Islam


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