Wednesday December 13 , 2017

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Funny Video Commentary on the Fear of Muslims – Wish You Weren’t Here

This is a funny commentary on the spreading of fear and suspicion about us, Muslims.

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Wish You Weren’t Here
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Here’s the direct link to the video:

I cracked up laughing at the “Muslims in space” part.

Unfortunately, so many people are already divided along that liberal-conservative line that the ones that need to get Jon Stewart’s message, are unlikely to get it. (Sometimes labels make people stop thinking… it’s all emotion)

Just remember that you will encounter a lot of ignorant people that actually believe/feel the fear-mongering news reports out there. Don’t sweat it. Be patient. Be tolerant. And follow the example of the Prophet (may peace be upon him). One thing he never did was argue with ignorant people. He treated them with kindness.


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