Wednesday December 13 , 2017

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Quran Burning in Florida – An Action Plan for Muslims

As “Rev” Terry Jones prepares his miniature congregation for burning the Quran in Gainesville, Florida, what should the reaction of the Muslims be?

There are some things to consider:

  • It is NOT the Quran that they’re burning – translations are NOT the Qur’an… the Qur’an is only the exact Word of Allah as recited from the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon both of them). Translations do not carry the same reverence as the Arabic mushaf.
  • Rules for Muslims do NOT necessarily apply to non-Muslims – our primary concern for them should be exposure to the message that God is One and is the Only One worthy of worship.
  • The Prophet (peace be upon him), himself, sent verses of the Qur’an to the leaders of the world – some embraced the message, some were moved, and some ripped it up and spit on it.
  • We should not concern ourselves with what they do… We will only be asked about what we did on the Day of Judgment.
  • When the non-Muslims of Makkah defamed the Qur’an, what did the Prophet (peace be upon him) do? He kept on with exemplary character, calm peaceful dealings with people, and when given a chance after conquering Makkah, he pardoned them.

Anyway, check out this YouTube video I just posted:

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